Justin Bieber’s Dog Passes Away


Justin Bieber has posted an emotional message to his dog Papillon, who passed away, on his Instagram account.

The singer also posted a photo of himself with the dog, which was definitely taken a few years back, when Biebs still looked pretty much like a child. Judging from the photo background, the dog was adopted from an animal shelter.

Papillon did not live with Bieber, though. Back in 2011, Biebs said in an interview for On Air with Ryan Seacrest that he had one dog that lived with his grandparents back in Canada.

The Biebers seem to have a complicated relationship with dogs. Last month, a tabloid website reported that Bieber’s father Jeremy literally threw their dog, an American bulldog by the name of Karma, through a second story window.

The dog survived, fortunately. Someone should really look into the treatment that dogs get in that house. If it is true that he threw the dog through a window because “he made him mad,” Jeremy Bieber really needs some anger management classes too.

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R.i.p Sammy you were the best puppy ever

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

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