Justin Bieber Would Throw Down for Selena Gomez


According to insider sources that are close to Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop star is still obsessing over his old flame Selena Gomez and he would do anything to get her back. Apparently, he would even be up for brawling with Selena’s current love interest producer Zedd.

The source says that Justin is feeling brave and believes that he could whip Zedd’s butt if they ever got into a fight.

According to the reports, Bieber is completely obsessed with Gomez and would do anything to get her back. He’s had flings with many other girls since they broke up, but his hear is still in Selena’s hands, according to sources.

Friends of the singer believe that he took Gomez for granted while they were together, but now, he really regrets that he let her get away and plans on making her his again. But resorting to violence might not be the best way to do that.

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