Justin Bieber Will “Never Stop Loving” Selena Gomez


We all already know how much Selena Gomez means to Justin Bieber. But, just in case you didn’t know, Bieber has now gone out of his way to let everyone know that he still cares a lot for her and is never going to stop loving her.

He talked about the relationship and the breakup candidly on Access Hollywood. Asked how many of the new 13 songs on his album are about Gomez, Bieber said that at least three are. Both Bieber and Gomez were very young when they met and started dating back in 2010. They dated on and off for about four years and then finally decided to end the romance in 2014.

Bieber also said that he wrote a song that didn’t make the album that was called “If I Would Have Met You in 5 Years,” which talks about how he believes that things would have worked out between him and Gomez if they had met when they were both a little more mature.

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