Justin Bieber Was An Exemplary Student


Though he is famous for his troublesome behavior and controversial statements, Justin Bieber was actually the complete opposite of his stage persona during highs school. Believe it or not, the young heartthrob was one of the biggest bookworms in high school, graduating with a 4.0 GPA.

The Baby hitmaker opened up about his nerdy side during an interview with lifestyle guru Martha Stewart – who seemed pretty shocked to hear that he didn’t drop out of high school.

This revelation comes in the best possible moment, as the 21-year-old pop star apparently wants to change the way fans perceive him. Instead of acting like his usual self, Bieb is determined to show us all that there is more to him than hits the headlines – he recently defended Kylie Jenner and also apologized for his butt picture. Who knows, maybe Justin has decided to improve his behavior and reputation?


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