Justin Bieber Taunts One Direction Over Shared Release Date


There’s going to be some interesting competition on the Billboard charts come November 13. It seems that Justin Bieber and One Direction are both getting ready to release new albums on the exact same day.

They are both acts that are used to being number one on the charts after their first week of sales, but this time, someone is going to have to be at number two. Bieber is pretty confident that he is going to win this battle. He posted a Snapchat video in which he says “The face you make when you come out with an album the same day as Justin Bieber,” and then makes a face of pure fright.

Should the One Direction boys be scared or offended? According to sources close to the boy band, One Direction is fine with the video. They think it’s funny and they are looking forward to the competition between themselves and Bieber over the next few months.

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