Justin Bieber Says He Still Loves Selena Gomez



With Bieber going public about his newest sweetheart Hailey Baldwin, there’s a general confusion as to whether he’s finally over Selena Gomez. The truth, however, is that he really misses everything he’s had with his teenage flame, even though he seems to be happily in love with Baldwin.

According to an insider, Bieber knows that it’s high time both he and Gomez moved on. Sadly for him, he can’t give up on her just yet. A separate source claims that it’s Bieber’s fault that he and Selena are no longer a couple.

Here’s what the insider said:

They are different people because Justin made it that way. He continued to push her away time after time and then when she didn’t come back the way she usually would after his ‘My Girl’ stunt he could tell that he lost her. He pushed her away too much and now they just have memories.

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