Justin Bieber Received An Unauthorized Police Escort


Well, well, it seems Bieber’s in the headlines again. And again with a connection to the police. This time it’s not because of assaulting his neighbor’s house, but for a police escort he received from the Miami airport.

An investigation has been launched in Florida, since Bieber received an unauthorized police escort from the airport on Monday night.

Bieber’s private plane landed in South Florida where the singer got two city police cars to accompany his vehicle while he drove from the airport.

Just recently, amateur footages of the incident appeared on the Internet, pressuring an internal investigation into the matter.

The representatives of Opa-locka police told TMZ.com, “Usage of the vehicles was unauthorized by the Chief, and is therefore now under investigation.”

In addition, Bieber’s stay in Miami also reached the headlines when he supposedly spent $75,000 during a night at a strip club. We can’t possibly imagine what he was paying for.

The Canadian singer carried on his journey to Cuba where he was photographed with a cigar.

However, Bieber’s not the first star who received special treatment from the police. Rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs was also once escorted by New York cops while he was rushing to a New Jersey nightclub.

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