Justin Bieber, James Corden Face Off In Car Karaoke Match


James Corden is an absolute wiz when it comes to singing in the car, as anyone who follows his hilarious “Carpool Karaoke” series on The Late Late Show knows. But when he has Justin Bieber in the car with him singing the pop star’s biggest hits, it only gets better.

Not only were they singing together, they were also munching on some fries, changing clothes while changing lanes, and talking a bit. Corden asked the star if he ever makes love while listening to his own tunes. Bieber even solved a Rubik’s cube during the bit. And it seems that he’s slowly sliding back into the public eye, which makes sense, considering that he’s expected to be releasing some brand new music this summer.

According to sources, Bieber has been trying to update and mature his sound all year and is currently working with big-name producers like Diplo and Skrillex.

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