Justin Bieber Has Touching Moment With Random Stranger


Justin Bieber was taking a hike around Runyon Canyon recently and it seemed that he needed some time to chill out and reflect on his life. While walking around, a man recognized him and said “hello” to the star.

Bieber seemed to be really comfortable with the middle-aged man and sat down on a nearby bench to chat a bit. The hiker, named Mike Maedke, said that they talked for 20 minutes and Bieber really opened up about his life.

According to Maedke, he talked about how he misses Canada and how life can get so chaotic. A woman then came around with her dog and Biebs took a moment to pet the doggy. But all good things come to an end – he was then spotted by a couple screaming teenage girls and had to dip. So he gave his newfound buddy Mike a fist bump and headed on his way.

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