Justin Bieber Has To Answer To A Court In Argentina


The legal trouble just doesn’t seem to end for the Canadian heartthrob. After having to do community service for egging a house, Justin Bieber this time has to face a court in Argentina, where he is given 60 days to appear or be extradited.

He is accused of ordering his bodyguards, seven or eight of them, to go after a photographer outside a club in Buenos Aires and to beat him up.

The photographer says he was waiting outside to take some pictures of Bieber during a show in a nightclub called INK, when he was attacked by one of the bodyguards who tried to take his camera. When the photographer tried to run, he saw that now there were at least seven other bodyguards after him.

If convicted for this, Bieber may face up to one year in prison. We’ll wait and see if he is going to end up making the trip or not.

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