Justin Bieber Gets In A Fist Fight


We’ve heard about the fact that pop star Justin Bieber regularly trains with champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, so we’re sure that he knows how to throw a bunch.

However, if he’s trying to fight a guy twice his size, it’s probably not going to make much of a difference. And that’s exactly what he did.

The guy’s name is Lamont Richmond, he’s 6’5 and pretty beefy. We pulled up next to Bieber after the last Warriors – Cavs game with a couple girls, who wanted to take pictures with the pop star. But when he asked for an autograph, Bieber declined and called him a particular swear word that starts with “mother.”

Bieber then took a swing, after which Richmond started attacking too. You can see the video on TMZ, but to make a long story short, Richmond could have ripped young Bieber’s head off if the pop star’s team let them finish the fight instead of breaking it up.

Bieber needs to give a raise to whoever stepped in to get him out of the brawl.

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