Justin Bieber Discusses His Naked Pictures And Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber visited Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show yesterday to give an interview and talk a bit about what is going on in his life. After some idle chat, Ellen proceeded to ask the singer about his vacation in Bora Bora and the pictures that were taken of him in his birthday suit.

He claimed that he didn’t see the paparazzi that were apparently hiding in a boat, masquerading as fishermen. Ellen also jumped at the opportunity to tease Bieber about spending the night with a girl he said was “just a friend,” stating that she has lots of friends she’s never seen naked. Eventually, they reached the topic of Bieber’s ex-lover Selena Gomez, who continues to be an inspiration for many of his new songs.

You can check out both the interview and the performance of his song “Sorry” in the video below.








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