Justin Bieber Definitely Knows How To Have Fun


If you want to see a superstar poster child, look no further than Justin Bieber. We are already very well acquainted with every aspect of celebrity’s life, so it doesn’t surprise much when we see him vacationing in Hawaii in a great company. The Daily Mail reports that Bieber posted a video of four beautiful girls that are obviously entertaining him while he’s “unwinding” after his tour.

You can’t really see much in the video, except that all four girls are in white bikinis (a requirement from Bieber himself maybe?) and that they’re having a great time in a swimming pool. We suppose that the singer joined his charming friends shortly after making the video, but there’s no video footage, at least not yet.

Judging by other photos, it seems that Bieber came to Hawaii on his own, and even though he’s enjoying great female company from time to time, he appears to be taking some time for himself. Many fans were really excited about the rumors that he and Selena Gomez were getting back together but this video definitely sealed the deal on saying that Justin Bieber is still very much single.

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