Justin Bieber Choked And Kicked Out Of Coachella

at the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA 03-14-15

Well Justin Bieber had a very interesting day at Coachella. Just when you thought that he was getting his life back on the right track and that the scandals were all in his past, something like this happens.

Bieber wanted to get into the artist area of the main stage at Coachella while Drake was performing. However, security told him that the area was at full capacity and that he could not get in. He said that Drake invited him personally and showed his artist wristband, but the security team would not budge.

A Coachella staffer then escorted Bieber to the area and as he was about to come in, security jumped on him and one guy put him in a chokehold. A scuffle broke out between security and Biebs’ entourage, after which Bieber and his people were kicked out of the festival.

According to sources, Bieber is furious and is considering taking legal actions against the festival and staff.

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