Justin Bieber Cancels Surprise Romantic Date With Selena Gomez


The latest celebrity news has it that Justin Bieber canceled his plans to surprise his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez for reasons unknown. The “Sorry” singer reportedly made arrangements to rent out the Staples Center and watch Titanic with her, which is, by the way, her favorite film. Bieber started making plans after Gomez attended his concert in Los Angeles last week.

The idea to win back Selena’s heart may have come even sooner, though. Two days before Gomez attended his concert, Bieber shared a photo of himself and the 23-year-old kissing with the simple caption, “feels.” This fueled rumors that they were getting back together, much to the delight of Selena’s fans, who have waited for the couple to reunite ever since they split up in 2014.


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However, all their hopes were shattered in the blink of an eye when Bieber abruptly canceled all romantic arrangements with Gomez. An insider said that Biebs was in a bad mood all day, leaving the concert 20 minutes early, which prompted Skrillex to take over the end of the show. We’re inclined to believe that the former couple got into a fight and that it completely killed the romantic buzz. But that’s just what we think.

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