Justin Bieber Avoids Fashion Show Because Of Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber is a pretty confusing guy. Right now, everyone knows that the pop star is pretty much dying to get back with his ex Selena Gomez and he seems to be doing everything he can behind the scenes to make it happen.

But it seems that he’s still afraid to face her face-to-face. According to reports, Bieber didn’t attend the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show because he learned that Gomez was going to be one of the performers on stage that night. So from what we understand, he talks about her a lot on the radio and in interviews, writes songs about her, even texts her and leaves her voice mails, but can’t take being in the same room as her at the same time?

Looks like Bieber has a strong case of butterflies in his stomach, which is actually pretty cute. Hopefully he’ll find the courage to ask her out for a drink soon.

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