Justin Bieber And Bon Jovi Facing Lawsuit By Fan


New York fan, Jessica Pollard, filed a lawsuit against AEG Live for allegedly keeping the tickets for music performances too long in order to sell to the brokers, which puts singers Justin Bieber and Bon Jovi in the center of the scandal.
Even though they had nothing to do with tickets, they are both now indirectly responsible.

It is suggested that AEG promoters were intentionally withholding the tickets in order to sell them to brokers.

This is a direct violation of New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act which prohibits keeping more than five percent of tickets for every sport or music event.

Jessica Pollard explains she had to pay much more for the tickets for Bon Jovi’s concert back in 2010 and Justin Bieber’s performance in 2013.

As the same thing happened twice, she thinks the promoters and AEG organizers were keeping more tickets in order to sell them to brokers who finally sell them at much higher prices, according to TMZ.com.

Jessica’s suit is on behalf of all attendees of Jovi’s and Bieber’s concerts.

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