Justin Bieber Almost Arrested In Rome


Did you know that Justin Bieber is on Interpol’s wanted list? This basically makes him an international fugitive. And according to reports from Italy, the Canadian pop star was almost arrested in Rome. Reports say that there were police teams swarming his hotel on Wednesday looking for him.

Why is he a wanted man? Because he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Argentina, relating to an incident in which a photographer from Buenos Aires claims that Justin’s security team assaulted him.

Bieber is in Rome currently filming his cameo for the new Zoolander movie. And if he wants to listen to some advice, we recommend that he gets the heck out of Rome soon, because Italy and Argentina do have an extradition treaty. Even though he has not been arrested yet, it’s certain that Argentina is watching his every move and would like to get him in a local court soon. Stay home, Justin!

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