Justin Bieber A Felon?


Justin Bieber is moving quickly to becoming many bad things including an embattled ex-teen heartthrob, keeper of the world’s funniest moustache, arbiter of “swaggy,” the Canadian Banksy. He’s also very close to becoming a felon as well.

Bieber will be charged with criminal vandalism for egging his neighbors’ house. Estimated damage is around $20k.

As of now, we can’t be sure whether Justin will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony (the prosecutor did once say, “If this isn’t a felony, nothing is”).

The Los Angeles D.A. has recently been sort of busy with Bieber’s work. Earlier in June, they declined to charge the singer for grabbing a woman’s phone at a batting cage due to a lack of evidence.

However, since there’s video footage of Justin treating his neighbor’s house with eggs, this case may turn out differently.

In May, police searched the pstar’s home for surveillance footage and subsequently arrested rapper and Bieber friend Lil Za for alleged possession of cocaine. The charges were later changed to felony possession of Ecstasy and oxycodone. If convicted, the 20-year old rapper faces up to nine years in prison.

I get that the eggs don’t seem that significant, but it does rise to the level of a felony,” said Lt. David Thompson at the time of the raid. “There is a victim in this case who has had extensive damage done to their home. That’s a serious incident.

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