Josh Duggar’s Mistress Reveals Shocking Details About Their Affair


Although it seemed that things couldn’t get any worse for Josh Duggar after it was discovered that he cheated on his wife at the time she was pregnant, the 19 Kids and Counting star is now faced with new accusations. His alleged mistress Danica Dillon has decided to open up about the two times they had sex, describing the experience as ‘terrifying’ and ‘traumatic.’

Apart from paying her for sex, Duggar also got pretty violent in the bedroom, behaving as though she was nothing more than a toy to play with. She said that he ‘was manhandling me, basically tossing me around like I was a rag doll,’ and added that he spoke dirty to her, calling her names and using other offensive words and phrases.

The 28-year-old, who met Duggar while she was working as a stripper, wanted to take the lie detector test for her story – and she passed with flying colors.

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