Joseph Phillips Turns On Bill Cosby


Things just seem to keep going downhill for the Cosby family. We recently learned that Bill Cosby admitted to obtaining quaaludes with the intention of using them to drug women he wanted to have sex with. Then we found out that his wife is pretty much the only one who is still vigorously defending him. And now, his ex-colleague, Joseph Phillips, has released a statement on Monday in which he confirms that Bill Cosby is definitely guilty.

Phillips also says he no longer doubts the accusations made by the victims and claims that Bill is not the man he used to work with. He goes on to explain how he couldn’t believe the stories until he met Cosby’s mentee. She described in detail how she was abused by Cosby, and told Joseph that she thought she would never recover from the dreadful experience.

If this and all other stories turn out to be true, Bill Cosby could be in even more trouble than he is now.

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