Jon Stewart And Wife Start Animal Sanctuary In Jersey


Jon Stewart might have stepped down as the host of “The Daily Show,” but that doesn’t mean that he is done being awesome – not even close. Stewart and his wife Tracey own a 12-acre farm in Middletown, New Jersey, that they have turned into a sanctuary for abused factory farm animals.

Tracey made the announcement at the Farm Sanctuary gala in New York City, stating that their farm, named Bufflehead Farm, will be acting as the New Jersey branch of the Farm Sanctuary organization.

The farm will be hosting dozens of pigs, sheep, turkeys, cows and other animals that have been rescued from living in terrible factory farm conditions.

The Stewarts have been advocates of this cause for a long time. You might even remember Jon doing a story on “The Daily Show” in which he criticized New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for not wanting to sign a bill that would get pigs who have lived in lifelong confinement in minimal space a chance to be released.

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