Johnny Depp’s Dogs Fleeing Australia


Johnny Depp’s dogs are getting out of Australia and pretty much running for their lives. According to the Australian Ministry of Agriculture, the dogs are to be euthanized, because Depp and his wife did not declare the two dogs when they came over to the country. According to law, all animals that come into the country need to be declared and quarantined.

Because of this, Boo and Pistol are getting on a private jet today and going back to America.

However, this does not mean that Depp is off the hook. It seems that he will be able to spare his dogs’ lives, but he is also going to have to pay a very hefty fine for not following procedures when bringing the dogs into the country.

He is getting off pretty easy though, considering that you can get up to ten years in jail for smuggling dogs into Australia, which is pretty much exactly what he did.

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