Johnny Depp Struggles With His Messy Divorce


Being called an abuser and insane isn’t something that anyone would take lightly, and Johnny Depp is no exception. Apparently, the actor has been in a state of permanent anxiety since May, when Amber Heard filed for divorce. He has had a chance to take some time to think everything through, but is still lying low since he came back to America.

Heard was granted a temporary restraining order against Depp, based on her claims that Depp was molesting her during the two years of their relationship. At the time, the actor wasn’t even in the country, but on a European tour with his band, and he took the blow practically without a word. Depp kept his dignity while Heard’s accusations kept coming his way, but the process hasn’t been easy on him.

According to various sources, Depp is tired of everything and just wants the divorce to be finalized. He didn’t spend too much time in the US since May, and he took some time off on his private island in the Bahamas in mid-July to recover from everything. After his tour ended, he returned to his home country and is currently living in Las Vegas.

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