Johnny Depp Mocks His Own Super Awkward Australia Apology Video


A few weeks ago, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and his equally talented wife Amber Heard issued an official apology to Australia after ‘smuggling’ their two Yorkshire terrier pets Pistol and Boo into the country. In the video, which was later mocked by Stephen Colbert and Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Depp and Heard urge people to respect Australia’s laws and declare everything before the enter the country.

The only problem was that the celebrity couple looked like they were held at gunpoint in order to read the script given to them by Australia’s officials.

Watch the apology clip here:

Now, Depp has also addressed the awkward video, poking fun at the obviously fake apology. While promoting his latest movie Alice through the Looking Glass, he first said that he was ‘going to do this everywhere I go,’ apologizing to England for not smuggling his dogs there.

Check out what he said about the entire doggy drama and his co-stars’ reaction here:

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