John Mayer Encourages Exes To Write Songs To Him


Singer John Mayer is encouraging his ex-lovers to write songs about him, after he found out his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry plans to write a song about their romance for her next album.

John used to date Perry, Jessica Simpson and Tyler Swift, who allegedly wrote her hit song Dear John in 2010. Reportedly, the song is about their failed romance, and he is now bracing Katy’s lyrics after she announced she will write such a song in a July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

She said, “There’s no bad blood, but I’m sure there will be inspired songs.”

When John was asked what he thinks about her songwriting plans by, he insisted he isn’t afraid to hear what she has to say about him.

He insisted, “I have super strength for gang-ups, I’m fine. That’s what you’re supposed to do, man, you’re supposed to write songs. You’re just not supposed to tell everybody you’re doing it.”

Katy was reportedly spotted with her ex-lover Rob Ackroyd, Florence and The Machine guitarist, this weekend but, it doesn’t appear that John Mayer was even bothered.

The rocker looked pretty satisfiedy as he partied in Los Angeles on Monday night, despite reports about his ex- girlfriend.

There were rumors suggesting the couple were heading down the aisle, but Mayer looked pretty unconcerned about his single status as he headed out in West Hollywood, where he had dinner at Maedeo steak restaurant with his pals.

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