John Legend Stands Up For Wife Chrissy Teigen: ‘’Funny There’s No Dad-Shaming’’


Following a barrage of online hate and mom-shaming aimed at model Chrissy Teigen, her husband John Legend stood in defense of his beautiful wife in an attempt to put a stop to the shameful cyber bullying. Namely, Teigen, who recently gave birth to her and Legend’s first child, was attacked for opting to spend some time alone with her husband instead of staying at home with their newborn Luna Simone.

Though Teigen is definitely the type of celebrity who knows how to defend herself against online bullies, it’s great that her super popular hubby took to social media to support her and tell all those haters what he really thinks of their hypocritical rants.

So John, classy as ever, took to Twitter to say that it seems pretty unfair to him that Chrissy is the only one who receives hate when they should, in fact, both be criticized for going to dinner two weeks following the birth of their firstborn. He ended the tweet saying that they’ll gladly split the ‘shame.


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