Jimmy Kimmel Talks About Cecil The Lion


Jimmy Kimmel is usually all fun and games. However, he dedicated a part of his monologue last night to talk about a more serious and sombre issue. Sad news broke yesterday that one of the most beloved creatures of Africa, Zimbabwe Hwange National Park’s own Cecil The Lion was shot and killed by a hunter.

It was later discovered that the hunter who had killed Cecil is an American dentist. Kimmel obviously did not have a lot of nice words to say about the man responsible for Cecil’s death. However, he stopped short of saying anything about hunting in general or sharing a negative opinion on it, possibly to make sure that he wouldn’t offend the many hunters who probably watch his show.

On the other hand, he clearly said that he didn’t agree with what this particular hunter did. Kimmel also asked people to make donations to the Oxford researchers who were keeping track of Cecil while he was alive, in hopes that they could stop something like this from happening again.

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