Jimmy Kimmel And Jennifer Lopez Are Two (Annoying) Teenagers


Jennifer Lopez joined Jimmy Kimmel for a lackluster skit on The Tonight Show and to be perfectly honest, it is one of the worst celebrity skits we have seen in a while. Yes, the idea was half-decent and you would expect that Jimmy and J-Lo would be able to pull it off, but they didn’t.

For one, Jimmy is just barely intelligible. The idea was, presumably, to have fun with the way today’s teenage girls talk, but he went too far in his caricature and it is near impossible to understand a word he said. No, really, we had to rewind a few times to even get an idea of what he was trying to say.

We thought that Jennifer might actually make the skit work, but she was also over-the-top and not in a good way. It was as if she downed half the country’s supply of molly and she was just all over the place.

It’s a shame. It could have been so much better. Maybe you’ll like it though. Give it a try.

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