Jimmy Fallon Travels Back To 90s For His New Opening Credits


For those of you who are too young to remember the original TGIF and the shows which ran during those slots, the 90s reworking of opening credits for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon will be a cool retro-ey joke, a way to imagine what today’s celebrities would look like if they were around decades ago.

For us who enjoyed the early 90s wholesome shows with our families, this will be much more, something of a trip down the memory lane. And the reason why it works is that they did it with great care for detail and nostalgia.

The sets are just as cheap and artificial as they were in 90s TV, the sweaters are just as colorful and as tacky as they were back then and the smiles are just as forced. On top of all that, there is the theme tune which is just as bubbly and as cheesy as any other theme tune from the early 90s. If not even more so.

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