Jimmy Fallon Hurts His Other Hand!


The Tonight Show host was in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Saturday, where he was supposed to receive the Elmer Award from the Harvard Lampoon. He did receive the award, but he also got several cuts to his right hand from the Jagermeister bottle he dropped when he fell.

But this wasn’t enough to stop the comedian from taking pictures with his fans, even before he received medical help. Later on his show, he openly joked about the incident:

“Some girl knelt down, I didn’t see her so I threw the bottle and landed on broken glass. There’s pools of blood everywhere.”

Fallon additionally surprised the audience with his absolutely hilarious pair of Sesame Street band-aids, claiming that those were the only band-aids that they “had in the house.” It’s great when comedians can joke about themselves, and Jimmy did just that. We hope he’ll be a bit more careful in the future, though, as this is the second time he hurt one of his hands in only four months!

Nothing that a few band aids couldn’t fix.

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