Jimmy Fallon And Melissa McCarthy Engage In Epic Lip Sync Battle


If you’re going to come on Jimmy Fallon‘s show and challenge him to a lip syncing competition, you know that you have to bring your A game because he takes it very seriously. Luckily, Ghostbusters reboot star Melissa McCarthy was up for the challenge.

In fact, this might have been the greatest celebrity lip sync challenge of all time. McCarthy ended up winning, but it’s not like Fallon didn’t put up a fight. He did a steamy rendition of Zayn Malik‘s “Pillowtalk,” and even brought a prop pillow on stage with him.

But McCarthy was on another level. Not only did she crush a DMX song, but she ended with a prop-filled “Pocahontas” finale that included confetti, glitter, wing and even some type of stuffed animals flying through the air. After that performance of the Disney classic, it wasn’t hard for Fallon to admit defeat. He had definitely been bested at that point. Watch the video if you don’t believe us.

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