Jim Carrey Gives People Dumb And Dumber-Styled Haircuts On TV

Premiere Of Universal Pictures And Red Granite Pictures' "Dumb And Dumber To" - Arrivals

Jim Carrey stopped over to chat with Jimmy Kimmel about his newest movie, the much-anticipated Dumb And Dumber To.

And while he was at it, he decided to invite the audience to get a haircut.

One man ended up with a bowl cut just like the one Carrey sported in the first movie, playing Lloyd Christmas. He simply placed a metal bowl on the man’s head and cut the hair below it.

The man seemed pleased with his new hairdo, unlike another audience member, a woman named Deanne, who ended up bald! She later said that she only came to see Carrey and maybe get an autograph. Jim Carrey said that the unusual haircut he gave Deanne symbolized the power he has over the minds of his fans.

The famous comedian also commented on the Kim Kardashian nude photoshoot, saying that it’s great Kanye has a place to park his bike.

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