Jessica Chastain Opens Up About Childhood Bullying


The gorgeous 37-year-old Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain revealed in Glamour magazine’s November cover story some really painful memories. Although it’s hard to imagine that anyone could tell Jessica that she is ugly, that’s exactly what her peers called her every day at school.

“[As a child] I was told every day at school that I was ugly. And that no one wanted to be my friend. The most cruel things. If I can do anything to help young girls and to be a cheerleader for people who sometimes have low self-esteem, I want to do that.”

She added that she is grateful that she didn’t become famous during her teens, because she believes she wouldn’t have known how to cope with fame when she was younger.

“I would have been a disaster…if I was 19 and I had the attention that I’m getting now. I would have just said stupid things. I would have partied more. All these expensive dinners and people giving me champagne? All these stupid things that we criticize 19 year olds for doing when they’re famous, I would have done. “

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