Jerry Springer Celebrates 25 Years Of Debauchery


Remember when The Jerry Springer Show was shocking? Hardly anybody does. In fact, most young people probably have never even heard about the show. Even though it still enjoys a viewership of a couple of million, it’s far from the most sensational thing on television anymore.

But people who grew up in the 1990s remember when Springer was shocking. This was a time before so many reality shows, and a time when reality programs focused more on regular people than on celebrities.

Springer showed up for the taping of his 25th anniversary show in a tuxedo, and sounded pretty emotional when addressing the crowd. He also made a point to say that he never felt as if he was better than the people featured on his show, saying that he was simply luckier. Springer, who is now 71, says that he will continue doing the show as long as his health allows.

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