Jenny Beavan Won’t Hold Any Grudges Against The Oscars’ Audience


All you people out there that were watching the Oscars, did you notice that absolute shame of a moment when Jenny Beavan, the costume designer for Mad Max, walked her way up to the stage to collect her Oscar, and half of the crowd refused to clap?

Yeah, it was quite nauseating to watch, but in the celebrity world, we’re often faced with things more intense than our stomachs can handle. The reason for the audience’s lack of support was most probably Beavan’s choice of attire for the evening – a leather jacket and jeans, compared to the quadrillion-dollar dresses and tuxedos that everyone else was wearing.

However, Beaven said she holds no grudges against the people who refused to support her, explaining how she understands that her clothes may not have been everyone’s favorite cup of tea. She explained:

“I am British with a slightly rebellious character; I always have been. But, actually, in truth, you’ve seen me. I’m short, I’m fat. I really would look ridiculous in a gown. What I was actually wearing at the Oscars was sort of an homage to Mad Max.”

She even took responsibility for the lack of clapping, saying she walked very slowly up to the stage, but we all know that’s not true. In fact, the video of her walking shows many members of the audience giggling and laughing at her. The best part? She couldn’t care less. She just won an Oscar, who cares if a couple of pretentious, pompous celebrities laughed at her clothes?

Why don’t we all check out the video and try to laugh at them, for a change? There ain’t nothing wrong with wearing casual clothes if you feel like it!

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