Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Filming Sex Scene With Chris Pratt


We all know that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the best actresses in Hollywood right now and that she has played just about every type of role there is to be played. So it’s pretty interesting to hear that there are still some things about movie making that scare her and make her nervous.

Not surprisingly, one of them is filming sex scenes. Believe it or not, Lawrence said that she had to recently film a sex scene with the hunky Chris Pratt and that it was one of the most awkward experiences of her life. Say what? It’s hard to imaging anyone not wanting to jump at the chance of a sex scene with Pratt, but for Lawrence it was incredible difficult.

In fact, the actress said that it was so tough for her that they only way she could do it was to get incredibly drunk. She added that she felt added guilt because Pratt is married, stating that it was the first time that she ever kissed a married man.

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