Jennifer Lawrence Is Bringing Home Some Serious Bacon


Every now and then, Forbes releases its list of highest-paid actors and/or actresses and we love that time of the year. We get to learn who brings home how much and we get to hate on those who we feel do not deserve all that money for their “acting”.

Well, that time of the year has come and, according to Forbes, the highest paid actress in the world right now is Jennifer Lawrence, everyone’s favorite actress and all-round nice girl. J-Law brought home $52 million in the last year, pre-tax. The runner-up is Scarlett Johansson who brought home almost $17 million less than Jennifer.

Thanks to the list, we can finally discover how much the highest paid actress is lagging behind her male colleague with the highest earnings. Well, the difference is staggering, with Robert Downey Jr. making almost $30 million more than Jennifer.

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