Jennifer Lawrence Dislikes Trump And Isn’t Afraid To Show It


Hollywood sweetheart and an Oscar wielder, Jennifer Lawrence, isn’t so sweet when it comes to her opinion about the presidential candidate, Donald Trump.
Lawrence was one of the guests on the “Graham Norton Show” on Friday, where she gladly shared her thoughts about what she would do if she got the chance to be face to face with Trump. Apparently, both celebrities attended the same concert, during which Lawrence tried her best to find the politician to give him a piece of her mind.
And how would she do that? Why, by making a video where she would openly scream insults at him and offering him one of her fingers, you know, the most offensive one. This scenario didn’t happen though, probably because Trump’s security knew hurricane Jennifer was coming, but that didn’t stop the twenty-five-year-old Hollywood star from expressing her strong feelings about Mr. Trump on air, during one of the most popular TV shows in Britain.

Whether Trump is still in hiding remains to be seen.

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