Jennifer Aniston Crushes Body-Shamers And Pregnancy Rumors!


Jen An has a thing or two to say and media representatives better listen up. After a photo of Aniston with a slightly rounded belly sparked pregnancy rumors, the celebrity actress made a stand for all women about imposed beauty standards, US Weekly reports.

Headlines containing proclamations like “finally pregnant” and “how miracle surprise pregnancy saved her marriage” infuriated Aniston and for a good reason. She resents that only having a child is a legitimate reason for not staying within Hollywood beauty mannerisms, not to mention that a modern woman is considered incomplete if she’s not a mother.

Aniston made many good points in this reply to the pregnancy speculations. She has always supported the “the beauty comes from within” slogan, but these words were directed to all those out there who have nothing better to do than sit around and judge people based on their imperfections.  When Jen strikes, she strikes hard!

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