Jennifer Aniston Can’t Get Anything Right This Week


Cake star Jennifer Aniston is having one of the worst weeks of her life. She showed up at the Golden Globes in an awfully boring dress and lost the prestigious award for best actress and then failed to score an Oscar nomination. Additionally, she looked like a mess at the Critics Choice Awards. She wore muddy Gucci pantsuits and forgot to wear a bra. Everyone knows that she has a great body, but come on – this all-in-our-face look is really tacky. We’re not trying to sound mean, but she could also use some help with her hair.

On top of all this, Aniston was slammed by her ex-boyfriend’s widow Mujah Maraini-Melehi who wrote an open letter to the Friends star. Some of you might remember that Aniston spoke about Daniel McDonald in her NYT interview where she said that he was her first great love. Well, she forgot to mention that the poor guy married someone else in the years following their split and raised two kids. McDonald’s wife was pained to read headlines that alluded that Aniston lost him tragically when she was not present in his life during his long illness.

‘’I know how much Daniel cared about her, and how protective he was of her. That was part of what I loved about him. I find it very hard to believe that she may not have married Brad Pitt had Daniel and I not married months before as some unnamed “sources” declared to the Daily mail on line. After Daniel died, I reached out to her to give her back all the photographs from the time they were together. I never got an answer back from her.’

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