Jealous Miley Cyrus Breaks Up With Patrick Schwarzenegger


According to Hollywood sources, the latest “it” couple, Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger, have officially broken up. Reports say that Cyrus was the one who initiated the breakup after she saw pictures of Schwarzenegger hanging out with another girl and looking very cozy with her.

Apparently, pictures leaked of Patrick getting really touchy-feely with a sexy brunette in a bikini and Miley completely freaked out when she saw the pictures. Sources close to the pop star said that she immediately broke up with him after seeing the pictures.

Sources say that while Cyrus was truly in love with Schwarzenegger and wants to be with him, she is incredibly angry and will not stand to be humiliated. People close to Schwarzenegger say that Patrick is really sorry about what he did and that he is really upset about Cyrus breaking up with him.

So the question is – will Miley forgive and forget? Can she give him another chance?

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