Jay Z Squashes Beef Between Bodyguard And Paparazzi


It must not have been a coincidence that rapper was wearing a “peace” shirt yesterday, because he definitely turned out to be a peacemaker. He was going about his daily business with his queen, pop star Beyonce, when an altercation broke out between one of his security guards and some cameramen who were trying to take pictures of the famous couple.

Instead of letting the situation escalate, Jay saw what was going on and stepped in to help end the beef. Of course, Jay is very protective of Beyonce and will do anything to make sure that she is unharmed at all times. Once he saw that the beef was getting more serious and that there could be some violence breaking out in the vicinity of his beloved, he stepped in to make sure that it did not happen.

Jay Z might be a billion mogul now, but you have to remember that he comes from the projects. It seems that he hasn’t lost his Brooklyn touch and can still talk people out of scrapping when he needs to.

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