Jay Z Dodging Paternity Test Over Alleged 21-Year-Old Love Child


Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage is reportedly on the rocks again.

According to court documents, 21-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, an aspiring rapper who claims he is Jay Z long lost son, is suing the rap superstar. Satterthwaite told a New Jersey court that his mother Wanda had a turbulent affair with Jay Z in the 1990s and that the rapper did everything in his power to avoid taking a paternity test.

Back in 2010, a judge dismissed a similar case in which the young man’s mother tried to force Jay Z to submit the paternity test after it was proven that another man was not Satterthwaite’s father. However, the ENQUIRER reports that the case was dismissed because the court lacked jurisdiction over Jay Z, and not because the rapper proved he was not Satterthwaite’s biological father.

After that, Satterthwaite’s guardian Lillie Colley filed a civil lawsuit in 2014. According to papers obtained by ENQUIRER, Coley claims that Jay Z and his lawyer provided ‘false’ and ‘fraudulent’ information to the judge and even lied about his legal residence.

The magazine also points out that Satterthwaite “has been struggling to pay college and medical bills, as he said on his website – all while dealing with the trauma of profound rejection.”

This is the second case in which Jay Z is accused of fathering a child outside of wedlock.

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