Jay-Z Claims Hip Hop Will Triumph Over Racism

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Rapper Jay-Z talked about the role hip hop music has played in strengthening cultural relations and its impact on diluting racism in the latest episode of Oprah’s Emmy-nominated Master Class series.

“Racism is taught in the home. I truly believe that racism is taught when you’re young. So it’s very difficult to teach racism when your kid looks up to Snoop Doggy Dogg. I think that hip hop has done more for cultural relations than most cultural icons. And I say save Martin Luther King because his ‘Dream’ speech we realized and President Obama got elected, but the impact of the music, this music didn’t only influence kids from urban areas; it influenced people around the world. People listen to this music all around the world and took to this music.”

The Roc Nation mogul adds that nightclubs show the victory of the civil rights movement because they bring people together.

“If you look at clubs and how integrated they have become – before people partied in separate clubs, there were hip-hop clubs and techno clubs – and now people party together. Once you have people partying, dancing, singing along to the same music, conversation naturally happen after that, and within conversation we all realize we’re more alike than we’re separate.”

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