Jared Leto Says He’s Sorry For Insulting Taylor Swift

jared leto

That was fast! Just two days after TMZ unveiled a video of the actor criticizing the music of Taylor Swift, Jared Leto apologized to the singer. In the video that TMZ claims was recorded a few months ago in LA, Jared and his bandmate from Thirty Seconds To Mars listened to Taylor Swift’s new album 1989. After listening to “Blank Space” and “Welcome To New York,” Leto flat out admitted that he didn’t like her music and said some hurtful words about Swift.

After Taylor Swift’s fans saw the video, Leto had to deal with harsh feedback from the Swifties Monday and Tuesday. This led to Leto himself issuing an apology on Twitter. Here’s what he wrote:

“The truth is I think @taylorswift13 is amazing + an incredible example of what’s possible.”

We’re sure glad they’ve patched things up. Since we all know how faithful Swift’s fans can be, Leto sure dodged a bullet this time.

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