Jared Fogle Finds Out What Prison Life Is Really Like For Pedophiles


Jared Fogle was the star of one of the most disgusting celebrity stories last year. The famous 2000s Subway spokesperson was indicated in a child pornography case and was later sentenced to 15 years plus as part of this case, but also for paying underage girls to have sex with him.

Since he went to prison, we haven’t been hearing about him but this changed today. Namely, it turns out Fogle finally found out what happens to pedophiles in prison. They run into very serious people who have a problem with other people doing stuff to children.

In Fogle’s case, this person was a 60-year old guy called Steven Nigg who punched Fogle within inches of his life. The funniest thing about this news is that Nigg suffered an injury himself, cutting his hand on Fogle’s face. Nigg’s family says they are not surprised since he voiced his discontent with the fact child sex predators get to serve their sentences in low security prisons like “his”.

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