Jamie Lynn Spears Busts Out Her Ninja Knife Skills


Who new that Britney Spears’ little sister Jamie Lynn was such a spitfire? A video was just released that will make anyone trying to antagonize her want to rethink what they are doing. Spears was at a sandwich shop in Los Angeles, the Pita Pit in Hammond to be more exact, when a near scuffle broke out. It seems that some guys, who looked a little drunk, were messing around with one of her friends.

Spears wasted no time in breaking up the feud. And when words were not enough, Spears went behind the counter of the pita shop and grabbed a seven inch knife!

Spears, who is the mother of a 6 year old, started waving the knife around and threatening the guys who were causing problems. Needless to say, the beef was squashed as soon as the annoying dudes got a look at the huge and sharp blade that Spears was wielding.

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