Jamie Dornan Role Research Involved Trip To Sex Dungeon

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As Irish actor Jamie Dornan told Elle UK, he took the part of Christian Grey very seriously and decided to get as prepared as possible. This obviously involved organizing a visit to a sex dungeon!

Jamie Dornan told the British magazine how he arranged for a visit to a sex dungeon, where he would observe the doings, the protocols and the mannerisms of people involved in that particular scene.

He says he saw a dominant with one of his two submissives but was not particularly pleased with what he saw. Even though he was not a paying customer, he still expected something of a show, he said.

Dornan’s child, born last December, was still a newborn at the time of his visit to the sex dungeon and the actor said he made sure to shower thoroughly after coming back home from the dungeon, before touching either the baby or his wife.

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