James Corden Declares The Tonys A Symbol Of Equality


This year’s Tony Awards glamour was dimmed by the Orlando shooting tragedy that happened on the same day. Naturally, the show was dedicated to the victims of the shooting, and James Corden, the absolute star of the seventieth Tonys, opened the ceremony with a speech that brought chills to everyone who heard it.

The Tony Awards were fabulous and talent riddled even more so than expected, but it seems that James Corden’s performances absolutely stole the show, and nothing less can be said of his opening speech. The first we saw of the Tonys was Corden with a theatre full of Broadway stars behind him, delivering a message of sadness and hope after the horror that happened in Orlando. Corden had neither accusations nor rage. His speech focused on the fact that theatre art will always be one of love and equality.

Award winners followed in Corden’s footsteps, and each of them expressed their sadness in a different manner, but the message was clear – the 70th Annual Tony Awards were the beacon of artistic mastery and humanity in its best and most beautiful form.

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